Why my Mom is My Best Friend and the Perfect Travel Companion

My mom is a woman who I strive to be like as I grow older.  She has so many admirable characteristics that cannot simply be numbered on a list.  Everyday I learn something new about her and I love that.

This Mother’s Day I wanted to give her something special and she requested that I not spend any money on her.  With that in mind I decided to give her a shot-out on the internet for all the world to see how amazing this woman is.

Happy Mother’s day Mom, I LOVE YOU!

First, as a traveler that suffers from horrible motion sickness, she is the only person who truly understands how bad it can get.  She always goes above and beyond to make sure that I’m comfortable and always feeling okay whether we are on the road or in the sky.

She’s always looking for an adventure.



She is always willing to go with the flow of things while sightseeing and is totally willing to compromise on things if we run out of time.

Texting with her is always really sweet and fun!


She’s willing to take silly pictures

IMG_3066 IMG_2922

Her love for animals!

IMG_0560 IMG_0355 momma

She is super photogenic and crazy beautiful!


She Loves her friends and family and would do anything for them

IMG_0457 MomandDad#1 Photo 23

She’s always up for trying new things (like the time I convinced her to be a sugar skull with me for Halloween! and her first Manhattan drink in Manhattan)


If we have to share the bed while traveling, she never steals the covers and deals with my snoring!

She will be the first to fix my hair if the wind messes it up, and she’ll always tell me I’m beautiful no matter what.

She listens to all of my problems without judgement.

She supports me more than anyone and I know she always has my back.

IMG_1502IMG_0148 IMG_2893

She laughs at all my jokes…even inappropriate ones 🙂

When people tell me we look alike, it makes me very excited and proud because she is beautiful and I can only hope to have a fraction of her beauty as I grow up.

IMG_2951 2012-12-24 17.10.20 2012-05-25 12.49.53

I know that she loves me more than life itself and I’m thankful for the relationship that we have.

The years haven’t always been easy and we’ve been through the thickest and thin.  Mom I love you more than words and pictures can ever say.  Thank you for all of the wonderful memories we’ve shared through our lives.  We’ve had so many wonderful adventures together and I can’t wait to continue our travels!

IMG_2942 IMG_3138


365 Photo Project

Last September I decided that I was going to document my 32nd year by doing a 365 photo project.  In recent years I have not been as involved with photography as I had been and I was starting to miss it.  I thought this would be a good way to “get back on the horse”, as they say, and become inspired once again by something that I used to love so much.

At first it was exciting.  I would look for stuff everyday to take pictures of and be super vigilant about posting.  A few weeks into it though some days it felt like chore.  I would post something just to make sure I had a photo for that day.  This was harder than I thought it would be.

I was thinking why it was becoming such a mundane task and realized that I was stuck in a rut in my “everyday” life.  Every day seemed to be wake up, go to school or work, come home dinner, tv, and then sleep.  No wonder I was getting bored with my pictures, I was getting bored with my life!  Since then I’ve made it a goal of mine to break my daily routine as often as I can and that has helped my photo project in a big way.

Here are just a few of my favorites that I’ve taken so far.  Half way through the year, it was fun to look back and remember all the fun times!

The shortest my hair has ever been.


The three amigos!


First Frost!

Mom let me do her Halloween makeup:)



Both wishes came true!




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